Introducing VERUM CASA,
the radiant offspring of VERUM INTERIOR, a distinguished interior design studio with over two decades of rich experience.
Born from this legacy of craftsmanship and creativity, Verum Casa embarks on its own journey, dedicated to shaping living spaces that resonate with your unique story and embrace the diversity of your world.


With a fresh vision and a profound commitment to personal expression, Verum Casa invites you to discover a new chapter in the art of design, where every home becomes a canvas for your individuality, and where aesthetics, functionality, and your personal identity seamlessly intertwine.
The importance of Verum Interior’s legacy in the development of Verum Casa
Verum Interior serves as the cornerstone upon which Verum Casa was built.
With over 20 years of experience, Verum Interior has honed its expertise in the intricate art of interior design.
This experience isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the enduring commitment to craftsmanship, aesthetics, and the creation of spaces that tell unique stories.

The invaluable insights and knowledge gained during Verum Interior’s journey have been seamlessly woven into the fabric of Verum Casa.
It’s the wisdom distilled from years of working closely with clients, understanding their desires, and crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary.
This legacy is the foundation upon which Verum Casa stands tall.

The transition from Verum Interior to Verum Casa signifies an evolution in the approach to interior design.
It represents a new era, where the focus is not just on designing spaces but on empowering individuals to truly express themselves through their living environments.

Verum Interior’s legacy is not left behind; it’s carried forward as a guiding light.
It’s the experience that shapes Verum Casa’s vision, the source of its commitment to inclusivity, personal expression, and adaptability.
It’s a reminder that every home is a canvas, and every design should reflect the soul of its inhabitant.

In essence, Verum Interior’s importance at Verum Casa lies in its role as the bedrock of expertise and experience,
guiding the company toward a future where the beauty of diversity, personal expression, and exceptional design continue to shine brightly.

Welcome to Verum Casa,

where your story takes center stage, and your home becomes a masterpiece of your soul.


At Verum Casa, our design philosophy is a celebration of creativity and cultural diversity.
We believe that every home should be a reflection of its inhabitants’ unique personalities and tastes.
By drawing inspiration from around the world, we select furniture and home decorations that blend innovation, affordability, and quality.

With a customer-centric approach and a passion for customization, we empower individuals to transform houses
into homes that tell their own stories.
Our belief in the beauty of design diversity is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of cultures worldwide.
We see each culture as a source of inspiration, contributing to the limitless expressions of style and aesthetics that make each home a unique masterpiece.
We celebrate this cultural influence by offering a curated selection that reflects the diversity of our world.

Our design philosophy embraces a wide-ranging palette of styles, from the timeless classics to the avant-garde, allowing everyone to find their unique expression of beauty.
We encourage the art of mixing and matching styles, enabling you to compose interiors that are as unique as your fingerprint while drawing inspiration from the global mosaic of cultures, infusing the spirit of the world into every design.

At Verum Casa, we believe that a beautiful home is a reflection of your individuality.


"Aesthetic Diversity" at Verum Casa

Verum Casa places a significant emphasis on “Aesthetic Diversity” within its design philosophy.
This principle revolves around the idea that beauty and style are subjective, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to interior design.

Because we understand that your identity is a mosaic of experiences and inspirations from around the world, we embrace a wide spectrum of styles and cultural influences.
“Aesthetic Diversity” at Verum Casa is about offering a wide curated spectrum of design styles and choices.
It’s about empowering customers to embrace their personal preferences and create living spaces that truly feel like home, regardless of whether they lean toward classic, contemporary, eclectic, or any other design aesthetic.

We strongly believes that diversity in design is the key to creating interiors that are both beautiful and deeply personal.


Aesthetic Diversity

In our world, beauty knows no bounds.
We believe in the richness of design diversity. Every home is a unique canvas, painted with countless expressions of style and aesthetics.
Aesthetic diversity allows customers to express their unique personalities and create spaces that resonate with them.
We cherish this diversity and strive to offer a curated selection that celebrates it.


At Verum Casa, our core value of inclusivity opens our doors wide, embracing everyone.
We are dedicated to catering to a diverse spectrum of tastes and preferences, designing collections that align with your unique vision, ensuring that everyone discovers their ideal match.

Personal Expresion

Your home is your story, and we’re passionate about helping you tell it.
We empower personal expression because your space should be a canvas for your individuality, a reflection of your soul.


Life flows, and so do your design tastes.
Our products are designed to evolve with you, allowing your space to be a constant reflection of your changing preferences and lifestyle.
Recognizing that people’s design tastes evolve over time, Verum Casa offers a dynamic range of products.
This allows customers to adapt their living spaces to their changing preferences without starting from scratch.

Cultural Influence

We find inspiration in the world’s rich tapestry of cultures.
Our designs are infused with global perspectives, creating homes that reflect the diverse world we live in.
At Verum Casa, we’re decided be not just an furniture & decorations retail company, will go beyond, to be curators of stories, narrated through the language of design.


At Verum Casa, words, “Find Yourself,” is not just a catchy phrase; it’s a reflection of our profound vision.
Our journey in interior design has always been about more than just creating beautiful spaces; it’s about helping you discover the essence of who you are within those spaces.
Our mission is to empower you to create spaces that genuinely reflect your individuality.
We want your home to be a mirror of your soul, a place where you can fully express yourself, and where every corner resonates with your essence.
Our commitment to you goes beyond just delivering products; it’s about helping you find yourself within your space, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery through design.

So, when we say “Find Yourself," we mean it in the most profound sense.
Your home isn’t just a place to live; it’s a sanctuary where you embark on a journey of self-expression, personal growth, and discovery. Verum Casa is here to be your partner in this transformative journey, where aesthetics, functionality, and your unique identity seamlessly coexist.
Join us on a journey that has been shaped by experience, guided by a profound concept, and fueled by a mission to celebrate the diverse beauty of your world.

Welcome to a world where your space becomes a reflection of you, and you truly
“Find Yourself.”